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The King is the mighty leader and Hero of the Knights in LEGO Battles. His wife, the Queen, is the alternate Hero. He is a strong, well rounded melee hero, although he is relatively slow.

Biography Edit

Act 1 Edit

The King and his Queen were attacked by the Wizard and his Skeleton Army. Caught off guard, he had to rebuild their Castle and kingdom to build up an army of their own. While preparing for battle, the Skeleton Army attacked his farmlands , distracting the King from his main mission. He fended off the Wizard's invaders, but was quickly distracted again when the mighty Wizard assualted The Great Library, the kingdom's source of knowledge. The King had to act fast and raced to the battle, destroying the assualt. The King then decided to listen to the Elders of his kingdom and search for a certain Magical Scroll hidden deep within the "1,000 Tree Woods", as it would supposedly give them knowledge of what the Wizard's plan was. The scroll informed them that retreating Skeleton forces were cutting off their supply routes. The King built a stronghold to defend against the horde of retreating Skeletons, then marched his way through the enemy outposts.

Act 2 Edit

After making allies with the Dwarves, the King decided to try and destroy a Troll stronghold, as (perhaps the Magical Scroll informed him) he heard news that the Wizard had allied with the Trolls. The attack was succesful, although the King realized that the Wizard was constructing Siege Towers and using Troll Giants for defenses. The King decided to use an old Special Factory (with the help of the Dwarves) to create Catapults and Ballistas . He then proceeded to use his new "War Machines" to destroy more Troll outposts to clear the area, but then realized that he'd ventured too far into the Troll's territory. The King had to construct a large hideout to survive an incoming horde of Trolls and Skeletons. After surviving the attack, he used his Elders' knowledge once more to search the area for a map of an area owned by the Wizard known as the "Barren Wasteland." Once it was retrieved, the King decided that the Skeleton Army's defences were to powerful. They couldn't make it through. Luckily, the Dwarf King recalled an old mining route that would be useful for sneaking in on the Wizard's forces. Once they were in the Barren Wastelands, scouts noticed a large Skeleton stronghold blocking the path into the Wizard's domain. The King decided that they would attack with every man they had to demolish the encampment. Luckily, the assualt was succesful, and he ventured onward, deeper into the Barren Wasteland.

Act 3 Edit

Unfortunately, the maps of the Barren Wasteland the Knights retrieved earlier on were not as accurate as the King had hoped. The path ahead was a winding, confusing maze. The King and his men wandered into the maze, only barely making it through the Skeleton forces along the way. Once at the end of the maze, the King discovered a very, very large stronghold that was used to produce more Skeleton warriors with mausoleums. He decided that they would weaken the Wizard's forces by destroying all of their mausoleums, then to push onward into the Wizard's domain. Once the King came across a large blockade, he knew they were going to have to bulk up their army to pose as a formidable foe, and attacked with everything they had. The King and the Knights finally made it onto the Wizard's island, where his Skull Tower was located. After fending off a few Trolls, the King built up the largest army possible and assualted the Wizard, resulting in victory.


In LEGO Battles, the King had the four magic abilities, being Area Speed Boost, Area Defense Boost, Forest Spawn, and Earthquake. He has 4 attack points, 1,000 health points and 2 speed points. He's a mostly balanced Hero.

In LEGO Battles: Ninjago, the king's first upgraded form features him riding on a horse. His spells are "Roar" and "Rally Cry". "Roar" shakes the ground and does damage to all enemy units in range. "Rally Cry" boosts the attack of a selected friendly unit.

His Second upgrade features him carrying a giant golden sword and a cape. His new spells are "Ravage", which significantly boosts his attack levels, and "Group Heal", which heals all nearby units.


  • The King is married to the Queen.
  • The King has almost the same stats as Classic Space.
  • Only him, the Queen and Santa possesse the Forest Spawn magic ability.

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