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Governor Broadside is a high-ranking member of the Imperial Navy, as well as the main character and Hero in the Imperial story. He is also the uncle of Camilla.


(ACT 1) After discovering that the Pirates and their leader Captain Brickbeard had begun causing trouble, Governor Broadside was ordered by royal decree to lead the hunt for the pirate Brickbeard. The first part of the mission was to find and pay an Oarsman to spill the beans on the whereabouts of Brickbeard's men. After a succesful deal, Broadside was commanded to defend a series of settlements under attack by Brickbeard's crew. Broadside then proceeded to deploy explosives along secret routes used by pirates. Afterwards, the Governor was informed of an allied cargo ship that had suffered severe damage from a raid (possibly a vessel from the settlements Broadside defended), and therefore had to drop "precious cargo" to make the boat swifter and enable it to get to safety. Broadside immediately sent out a couple ships to retrieve the cargo before Brickbeard's men caught up to it.

(ACT 2) Evidently, a couple of Broadside's men had allied with a tribe of Ninjas. They begged for help as their Master had been kidnapped by their enemies, the Islanders. Broadside, now having a chance to bulk his army, built up an outpost to destroy the Islanders hideout, then to find clues to the Ninja Master's whereabouts. After saving their leader, the Ninjas were oddly never seen again in the game (except in a few missions in the Pirate story). Then, the high-ranking Imperial defended a shipping lane owned by their army from a group of Brickbeard's pirates. Once again, Broadside reigned supreme and destroyed Brickbeard's fleet. Afterwards, Broadside defended and rebuilt a few abondoned outposts after hearing that Pirates had been hiding in them. All of a sudden, Broadside learned of Islanders who could summon these incredibly strong "Tiki Golems" from their temples. The Governor immediately stopped the rebellion and destroyed the Islanders for good (except for a tiny group in the last level). Then, Broadside discovered that several mutinied members of Brickbeard's crew knew valuable information of the Pirates' location. Broadside jumped at the offer for information with a payment of some gold coins.

(ACT 3) Out of the blue, a group of monkeys were let loose on one of Broadside's strongholds by Brickbeard. The Imperial Governor trapped all the monkey's in cages and destroyed the surrounding outposts. Luckily, news came that Brickbeard was retreating beyond Imperial waters onto a cluster of smaller islands. Broadside demolished their small hideout easily, constructing watch towers to keep Brickbeard away. Finally, the high-ranking Imperial had the Pirate cornered. Then, without anywhere to run, Brickbeard had constructed a massive stronghold secretly in Royal territory. Broadside ordered a team of his men to attack and destroy Brickbeard's last island, ending succesfully. Although he had the upper hand, the Governor soon noticed that their army was running low on metals. He destroyed any remaining pirates and built several mines to prepare for the final push into Brickbeard's secret cove. After building up his fleet to superior rank, he assualted the Pirates' cove. Finally, Brickbeard was defeated.

Status Edit

In LEGO Battles, Governor Broadside is . He is a melee hero, has the four magic abilities Area Damage Boost, Area Armor Boost, Jungle Growth and Artillery, and possesses a mighty 4 attack points and 1,100 heart points, although lacks swift movement with a pathetic 1 point of speed.

In LEGO Battles: Ninjago, Broadside is a secret unlockable character in LEGO Battles: Ninjago. At upgrade level 1, he is a ranged character that has the abilities Stone Skin and Artillery. Broadside has very poor attack power (half a star) that fires at a rapid rate, and has very little health (875), but at least has a high speed (4 and a half stars) and magic power (2,500). At upgrade level 2, he is once again a ranged character that has the abilities Dead Eye and Crab Swarm, the same amount of attack power and even less health (775) and is even slower (2 stars), but posseses a massive amount of magic power (3,125).


  • Governor Broadside is a real minifigure who appeared in two different sets and LEGO Racers (a videogame).
  • He shares his magic abilities with Camilla.
  • He, Camilla and the Sheriff are the only three Heros in LEGO Battles that possess the Artillery magic ability.
  • He has the same stats as the Troll King.

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