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LEGO Battles: Ninjago

Captain Brickbeard is the leader and male Hero of the Pirates team. His opposite is Lady Pirate. He is an incredibly strong hero, although extremely slow.

Biography Edit

(ACT 1) After hearing an intriguing story of a ripped up map that leads to a treasure trove from an old pirate (and stealing a piece of the map from him in the process), Captain Brickbeard set out on an expedition for the map. Once prepared, Brickbeard went on to destroy several outposts owned by the Imperial Navy (an organization led by Governor Broadside). The Captain then went on to kill four deadly sharks that were attacking the shores of their bases. Afterwards, the Pirates received news that their allies, the Islanders, were being attacked by an Imperial Fort up to the North. After Brickbeard helped fend off Broadside's forces, he went to help out a mate of his that had been stranded on a tiny island.

(ACT 2) Captain Brickbeard heard news from his crew that they had finally located another piece of the map, although it was aboard an unidentified Imperial cargo ship. The Captain destroyed every cargo ship he came across until he retrieved the map piece. He then went on to defend another tribe of Islanders that were being attacked by more Imperial forces, but in the battle, the Islanders' leader, King Kahuka, was captured. An infuriated Brickbeard sent out all his men and destroyed another Imperial Fort, saving Kahuka. He decided it was "time for payback" and sacked several cargo ships and Forts. The captain then heard that there was a large treasure on an island nearby, and decided to steal it, but it was an ambush by the Imperials and their allies, the Ninjas and the Ninja Master. Brickbeard waited the Imperials out and built a small hide away.

(ACT 3) At this point, Brickbeard could tell Governor Broadside was fed up. He needed to find the last piece of the map before Broadside wiped him out. Brickbeard learned that three of his men had gone overboard during a battle with Imperial Battleships, and that one of them knew the whereabouts of the last map piece! The Captain immediately sent a search party out to search the nearby islands while avoiding Imperial patrols, and came up successfully. The crewman claimed that the last map piece was hidden under Broadside's homeport. As Brickbeard searched the area for Broadside's homeport, they went deeper into Royal waters and found Volcano Island, an island used for gold mining. Brickbeard sacked the island and stole all of the mined gold. He then realized that his first mate and his two crewman were captured by the Imperial Navy on a nearby stronghold island. Brickbeard saved his first mate and his men and proceeded to destroy an Imperial blockade protecting Broadside's homeport. The Captain then faced off with Governor Broadside and the Imperial Navy. Captain Brickbeard and his fleet won the battle and dug up the treasure.


In LEGO Battles, Captain Brickbeard is an incredibly strong Hero with 5 attack points, 1,000 heart points but a very, very poor 1 speed point. His four magic abilities consist of Area Speed Boost, Area Defense Boost, Monkey Swarm and Crab Swarm.

In LEGO Battles: Ninjago, Brickbeard is a little worse. His first upgrade stats are 3 attack points, half of a speed point, 2,200 heart points and 2,500 magic points. His magic abilities are Artillery and Speed Buff. His second upgrade level stats are 2 and a half attack points, 1 and a half speed points, 800 heart points and 3,125 magic points. His magic abilities are Grenade and Ravage.


  • Captain Brickbeard and the Pirates are the supposed 'good guys' in LEGO Battles despite the fact that the Imperial Navy were the 'good guys' in real life.
  • He, King Kahuka, the Dwarf King and the Alien Commander share their stats in LEGO Battles.
  • He has the same magic abilities as Lady Pirate.
  • He is a real minifigure in the Pirates LEGO theme.


LEGO Battles

LEGO Battles: Ninjago (Brickbeard)

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