Builders are a unit type in both LEGO Battles and LEGO Battles: Ninjago that can build all kinds of buildings.

LEGO BattlesEdit

In LEGO Battles, builders can build buildings, repair buildings, speed up production and harvest trees and crystals. They are built at the stronghold, not the barracks. All six builders have 1 attack point and 2 speed points, but may have 140, 150 or 160 HP, and cost 45, 50 or 55 bricks each. However, when choosing a builder, the stats of the buildings they build are more important than the builder's stats, as each one uses the buildings from the team they originate from. If a team lacks a special factory or a shipyard, and the player chooses a special unit requiring one, the Knight's version is used.

LEGO Battles: NinjagoEdit

In LEGO Battles: Ninjago, builders can build buildings, harvest bricks and repair buildings. Both builders have 100 HP, the same movement speed and number of attack points, as well as cost. Builders are built at the Keep. The builder chosen determines the buildings used, but both sets of buildings have the same stats, so the choice is purely asthetic. The buildings have their looks altered by the map environment, with snow and icicles added in icy levels and a slightly different colour in some other environments (caused by a different colour of the source of light, presumably), and are coloured with the team colour on specifc points (red is used by the Ninjas in story mode, and purple is used by the Skeletons)

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