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The Alien Commander is a Hero and Commander of the Alien Race. It's gender is unspecified, but it can assumed that he is male, being that his wife is named Alien Queen, implying that both Aliens and Humans are similar in reproduction patterns.

Description Edit

The male hero for the Aliens in the LEGO Battles. He is a very strong melee hero with good spells but, like many melee heroes, he is slow.


The Alien Commander is one of the more powerful heroes in the game due to his useful spells. For one his EMP, automatically stuns in the a wide area for a few seconds. He has high amounts of HP allowing him to tank the front lines to keep his low health units such as Drones safe from harm. However, he can be swarmed easily due to his slow speed. Cheap units effective in overwhelming the Commander. Although his EMP, can allow him to get away due to the stun time and wide area.

Pros: High Health, Resource Replenishment, Wide Stun, High Attack Power

Cons: Slow.

Lego Battles Ninjago

The Alien Commander is back, but he has been reduced to a simple ranged hero. His spells are not as useful as before, though Group Heal is nice and Space Laser can do great damage due to it's cheap cost.

Ranged I

The Alien Commander transforms himself into a spider-like creature, though he looks the same as the Alien Queen from Lego Battles. His spells are Group Heal and Space Laser. Group Heal regenerates large portions of allies HP for a few seconds. Space Laser is a cheap AOE spell that deals light damage to all enemies around him. Though due to it's cheap cost, he can easily spam it to deal heavy damage to enemies. Though he has a very slow firing rate, with moderate range.

Range II

The Alien Commander surrounds himself in a veil of otherworldly energy, glowing brightly. He has the spells Ravage and Meteor Shower. Ravage is great at buffing allies attack power making your hardest hitting unit, hit even harder. While Meteor Shower deals heavy damage over time to all enemies in a area. He has the shortest firing range, but shots quickly to make up for it. Though he lacks the power he had in the previous game.

Tips Lego BattlesEdit

The Commander has great synergy with Area of Attack units like the Catapult as using EMP can trap a group of units in a bunch allowing the catapult to do massive damage and possibly wipe out the group.

The Commander can take punishment well due to his High HP. Use him on the front lines and if he's low on health use EMP and make him retreat while your army attacks.

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