Agent Chase
Officer stage 2




LEGO Battles
LEGO Battles Ninjago

Description Edit

Agent Chase is an extra unlockable hero from the Aliens in the original LEGO Battles. He is somewhat weak ranged hero, but his "Hotwire" spell makes up for it. "Hotwire" allows Agent Chase to capture any enemy special unit. The unit, once affected, immediately converts to your side. This spell has a few limits, however. You can only hotwire as many specials as you have farms to support them, i.e., if you have three farms built, you can only hotwire up to three specials. On certain rare occasions, "Hotwire" can be used on normal enemy units and even enemy heroes. This spell, plus the ability to make trees makes it a very handy hero to have, although it is unlocked very late in the game.

Agent Chase makes one un-official appearance in LEGO Battles: Ninjago, where he apearance as the Officer's first upgraded form.

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